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Choosing an Intentional Life

Welcome!  If you’re looking to live a more fulfilled, creative, energized, and joyful life, you’ve come to the right place!

At Effortlessly Intentional, we support people in living a life of intention by choosing values-based behaviors and making them habit–so those intentions become effortless.  If you want to make lasting changes in your stress level, exercise routine, eating habits, relationships, house hold management, parenting or professional life, we’ve got you covered!

You’ll find inspiration and tips in our blog posts and challenges, support from our judgement free Facebook community, and individualized coaching to help you reach your goals.

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Effortlessly Intentional provides information on how to live a more creative, healthy, intentioned, value-based, and joyful life through the creation of simple, day-to-day habits.  Through motivating blog posts, inspiring quotes, healthy recipes, and science-informed information on behavior change, you can embrace the life your soul longs for.  Join our closed Facebook group to discuss and support–always a judgement free zone! Jump in, join a challenge, ask a question, and enjoy!


Humans are social creatures, and first and foremost, you are not alone.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Making change can be hard.  As a behavioral science expert, it’s my job to take what you are passionate about and help you create change through an individualized plan.  You may need clarity in understanding your heart’s desires, you may need help setting specific, attainable goals, you may need a level of accountability, and you likely need a little of each.  I provide this through phone based coaching and email support.

Group Coaching

Effortlessly Intentional is organized around understanding and living in accordance with values within several holistic wellness life domains, for instance, nutrition, exercise, self-care, environment, relationships, finance, and creativity, to name a few.  When several people identify a common area or areas to address, group coaching support is an excellent option.  Through conference calls and a private group chat interface, we work on these goals together.


Grateful Like a Boss

It's that time of year.  I fully admit, I am not a lover of all things winter holiday.  I can empathize with the Grinch, and with Charlie Brown throwing up his hands and screaming "Can someone tell me the real meaning of Christmas?"  My husband and I were downtown in...

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A Season of Gratitude & A Free 5-Day Challenge!

Have you looked at the calendar?  Can you believe it's December already?  2017 has flown by for me.  Even as the calendar pages turn rapidly, I love that we are coming into a slower time of the year.  As fall rapidly transitions into winter, the Earth quiets.  Plants...

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Mandala Painted Rocks

It's the end of November already.  We've been focusing on intentions around our relationship with food.  While I typically share a healthy recipe each month, I've already shared several this month.  Instead of more food, I'm sharing a recipe for something you can...

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No Sugar Added Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Pecans

It's Thanksgiving-Eve-Eve (aka Tuesday night, which doesn't sound quite as sexy).  The official countdown to the mother of all cooking holidays has begun.  Hopefully you've menu planned, you've shopped, and all your goodies are chilling out in the fridge waiting for...

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Green Smoothies: Give Your Day a Nutritional Jump-Start!

I don't care what kind of diet you strive for, what healthy living guru you follow, or how you feel about carbs and fat.  Two things that every healthy eating plan I've ever seen include?  More fruit/vegetables, and less processed food.  Really, if you can do these...

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Managing your Nutritional Kryptonite

How many times have you sworn today would be different, that you wouldn't cave to over eating, to eating your weakness food (hello reese's peanut butter cups, I'm looking at you), to eating after dinner, to snacking between meals, to stopping...

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As the year rolls towards the winter solstice, join us for five days to learn simple and quick self-care practices to nurture your soul.  In just a few minutes a day, we'll show you how to use these practices by video instruction and provide written worksheets for more information and practice.  Sign up now and get ready to wrap your soul in a warm blanket on the shortest days of the year!

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