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Welcome!  If you’re looking to live a more fulfilled, creative, energized, and joyful life, you’ve come to the right place!

At Effortlessly Intentional, we support people in living a life of intention by choosing values-based behaviors and making them habit–so those intentions become effortless.  If you want to make lasting changes in your stress level, exercise routine, eating habits, relationships, house hold management, parenting or professional life, we’ve got you covered!

You’ll find inspiration and tips in our blog posts and challenges, support from our judgement free Facebook community, and individualized coaching to help you reach your goals.

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Effortlessly Intentional provides information on how to live a more creative, healthy, intentioned, value-based, and joyful life through the creation of simple, day-to-day habits.  Through motivating blog posts, inspiring quotes, healthy recipes, and science-informed information on behavior change, you can embrace the life your soul longs for.  Join our closed Facebook group to discuss and support–always a judgement free zone! Jump in, join a challenge, ask a question, and enjoy!


Humans are social creatures, and first and foremost, you are not alone.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Making change can be hard.  As a behavioral science expert, it’s my job to take what you are passionate about and help you create change through an individualized plan.  You may need clarity in understanding your heart’s desires, you may need help setting specific, attainable goals, you may need a level of accountability, and you likely need a little of each.  I provide this through phone based coaching and email support.

Group Coaching

Effortlessly Intentional is organized around understanding and living in accordance with values within several holistic wellness life domains, for instance, nutrition, exercise, self-care, environment, relationships, finance, and creativity, to name a few.  When several people identify a common area or areas to address, group coaching support is an excellent option.  Through conference calls and a private group chat interface, we work on these goals together.


Resentment: It’s In Your DNA

Do you have a friend with whom you can be having a pleasant conversation, and then, like clockwork, you spiral down into a negative theme and his or her favorite resentment bubbles out?  Almost joyfully, he or she pulls out perceived slights and examines them,...

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Connect through Forgiveness

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Some credit this quote to the Buddha, others cite various Buddhist teachers and sages.  Regardless of who initially said it: truth. Several years ago, a friend of mine--we'll call her...

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Find Connection in Living

Did you unplug last weekend?  Friday sundown till Saturday sundown marked the national day of unplugging.  I had only done this once before, and I actually found it much easier this time to put my phone away (five years later... when I am FAR more dependent on my...

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Seeking Connection: Unplug

Welcome March!  Spring is definitely in the air in my corner of the world.  More daylight means bulbs are bursting through the ground and we've had a few high 60s days that are glorious.  Of course where I live, this is also the wettest time of the year and we'll...

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Olympics, Flow, and Mindfulness

It's a snowy February day.  My house relatively cleaned up and soup simmering in the kitchen, I settled into the couch to turn on the Olympic games.  I'm not a big television watcher but something about it being a weekend afternoon with snow falling and a fire in the...

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